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Know What

My skills of observation are pretty lame.  I could never be a witness to anything since what I usually observe leaves my mind almost immediately. I’ve had too many instances where I’ve been certain about something only to discover that I was wrong.

So whatever happens, you better hope that I’m not the only witness to your murder or any other incident that requires a witness.

However, I’m pretty good at remembering names and birthdays.

That’s a pretty even trade, right?

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Toil & Trouble

This past year has been full of losses and while I’ve been working hard to get through them, the depression can be crippling.  For about a week now, I’ve been holed up in my condo.  I have been on the go for the most part, trying to keep my mind and bod busy with different kinds of activities, but I crashed.  I needed to take a break and just not do a damned thing so I decided to stay home for at least one day, but it turned into about a week.  

Getting over the break-up was not the only loss that I’ve been dealing with….I’ve lost Payton, my granddaughter, whose mother has refused any contact with her (Payton’s mother is my daughter’s former partner).  I have always been patient and tolerant of her mother’s behavior, but this business of allowing me to see Payton, then pulling her away over and over isn’t good for Payton so I have decided it’s best to let her go.  This is a heartache that I’ll never recover from.  

Then there’s my job - while I am grateful for my job and love the company that I work for,  I’m still feeling homeless since there are a ton of re-orgs going on.  I haven’t felt grounded at work since last December.

And remember those traffic citations?  Well, my insurance went up by $100+, which is a major dent in my budget.

I’m hopeful that 2015 will be a better year because frankly this year has sucked.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m thankful / grateful for many things, but sometimes the crappy stuff can be overwhelming.

Baby steps, Karen, baby steps…

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